The LGBTQI+ Asylum Seekers Conference offers three options for abstract submission:

1.      Proposal for individual presentations (1 paper)

2.      Proposal for full sessions (3 papers)

3.      Proposal for roundtables


To help with your submission, please ensure you follow the general guidelines:


General submission information:

All abstracts must be submitted in English, no more than 300 words.

Papers presented at the conference must be presented for the first time.

All authors/co-authors will be acknowledged in the conference website and the programme.

The abstract, if selected, will appear in its full form on the conference website and the programme. 

Submit your abstract online only through the Abstract Submission form by Friday 15th  January 2021 (below).


Specific Submission Guidelines

1.      Proposal for individual presentations 

2.      Proposal for full sessions

3.      Proposal for roundtables


We invite the submission of abstracts and proposals for the following:

1.      Proposal for Individual Presentations 

A paper is 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes discussion at the end of the session.

The Academic Committee will have the prerogative to select a session Chair from the session participants. 

Submit your individual presentation files online by Friday 15th  January 2021 (below).



2.      Proposals for Full Sessions

Sessions consist of the presentation and discussion of papers prepared specifically for the Conference. Proposals should include a maximum of three (3) papers. 

Please, remember to include information about the aims of the panel.

Each session proposal should include the following information (besides the personal information of each participant): Paper title, brief conceptual summary, brief professional statement.

Session organizers must list participants in the expected order of appearance.


Responsibilities of Session Organizers and Chairs:

Obtain the approval of anyone you are proposing as a participant. This is imperative.

Ensure that the decision on your application is shared with all participants.

All abstracts proposed for a session should be submitted together by the session organizer by by Friday 6th November 2020.. 

Submit your session proposal online only through the Abstract Submission form by Friday 15th  January 2021.


3.      Proposal for Roundtables:

Roundtables are spaces that address a more narrowly defined topic than in a plenary session. Each participant will agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate; Q&A to follow. We invite interested organizations to present their proposals with the following information:

§  Title and description of the activity (with objectives and goals)

§  Presenters / facilitators

§  Hosting organization / Sponsor

§  Participants characteristics (number, profile, prior registration, other requirements)

§  Content Descriptor

§  Contact person and e-mail


Submit your roundtable proposal online only through the Abstract Submission form by by Friday 15th  January 2021 (below).